The Rwandan Genocide

“From the depths of Rwanda's bloody nightmare, Paul Kagame dragged his country up to become one of Africa's major success stories” [1]

22 years ago, in 100 days, 1 million Rwandans were slaughtered. The genocide cut deep into the social, economic, and political fabric of the country. Shot to pieces, Rwanda was on its knees after the war. “No other country in the world has suffered that level of devastation”[12]. No other country in Africa has so thoroughly turned itself around in so short a time. In just 2 decades, arguably nothing short of a miracle, Kagame has taken Rwanda from a country facing the aftermath of genocide to one with remarkable recovery and reconstruction. Bypassing neighboring nations, Rwanda is on its way to becoming the most advanced country in East Africa. This of course speaks to the leadership Kagame demonstrates; he is the one responsible for shrewdly directing this transformation. President Kagame is “the Rwandan hero who united a country torn by genocide [and] defends his uncompromising approach to democracy”[24]. In the words of Professor Bradford, to understand Kagame, you have to understand that.


Clips from Kagame’s 2015 State of Nation Address [16] that address the genocide and Rwanda’s recovery: